Hey Beaut! I'm so glad you're here and so honored you'd like to get to know me a little. I am a stylist behind the chair who specializes in warm colours (Reds and Coppers especially) and Bridal hair and makeup. I am also a Bridal Styling Educator - which basically means I teach other stylists all my tips and tricks to make Brides everywhere feel absolutely gorgeous on their big day!


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I moved to the US from the UK when I was 15 years old with my Mum. Family is the most important thing to me in the whole wide world so I try to get home whenever I can. I take my husband Sam, and two kids Liam and Ivy when I go. We also have two cats (Barnum and Bailey) and two dogs (Milo and Kida) so my house is basically a small zoo! I love to travel and it's one of my biggest goals to travel as much as possible in my lifetime.  I am lucky enough to travel for work a few times a year through brides booking me for destination weddings and New York Fashion Week. 

I LOVE food! Comfort food gets me every time and I couldn't imagine my life without carbs and sugar! Honestly, if you know of a Sugar Addicts Anonymous please let me know, I think I have a problem. 

I started beauty school later than most when I was 23. After attending UWM for my BFA in Acting I found my passion lay in the Beauty Industry. I fell hard! My love for Bridal started immediately and then I became obsessed with colour and constantly learning new things! To this day, I love taking classes to make sure I'm keeping up with current trends! I also love to teach! I teach stylists how to create bridal styles in a flash, and I teach clients how to recreate their style at home. Making someone feel beautiful, seeing the confidence their hair can give them literally makes me giddy! So come sit in my chair, have a glass of wine, or white claw or beer, or whatever you want and let me make you feel like your best self! 

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I went to UWM to be an actress before going to beauty school.!

I am from The United Kingdom! Warrington specifically, which is close to Manchester

Yes, I'm a natural Ginger

I LOVE Indian Food!!

The ways to my heart are through anything Caramel, and Shopping

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Getting married? Interested in having me be a part of your big day? I am here to make sure I am the easiest vendor you work with!

I do it all Beaut! Well, everything except a perm! From balayage, to all over red transformations, I've got you for all your hair needs, plus a few extra special services. 

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